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California County, Tennessee WJHL - University Authorities in Washington, TN have checked with Reports Station 11 that 3 drinking water fountains in educational institutions had proven themselves. Jarrod Adams and local colleges in Washington said a pair of these water structures were at the Boones Stream Elementary School and one of the many fountains that served as food for Western Fund Watch. "We do not know where the guide comes from," Adams said. The university method found Thursday night after a careful examination of each fountain, the kitchen sink and the kitchen sink inside the educational institutions. Adams said that the origin of the guide often does not come from the beak, but for now, they work to distinguish exactly where the guide comes from. Wingsfield Environment Incorporated. , a team of eco-consultants, could be the company responsible for carrying out the tests. The father and mother were alerted about this through a notice sent Thursday night. We were told that while they were working to determine the origin of the guide in the water, Food City generously donated coolers to educational institutions that will provide drinking water to individuals. Stick to Station 11, even though we are still complying with this developing story. . Three water fountains p>

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