About Us

The Heights School is a large and complex educational organisation. We deliver a range of educational programs to learners from the Pre School age of 3½ and 4 years to students in Year 12 and beyond, including an increasing number of re-entry and part time adult students.

The school opened in 1977 as the Modbury Heights High School sharing its buildings with Pedare Primary School. The following year saw the integration of the schools into a combined campus so the first metropolitan R-12 school was established. When a Child Parent Centre opened that year, The Heights became known as "The Heights CPC-12 School". In recognition of the increasing number of returning and mature age students the description now extends CPC-13. A 'Middle School' building was completed during 1978-79.

The school is divided into three sub-schools to effectively manage the variety of learning experiences of a large number of students.
The Heights School has three sub-schools composed of:

  • Junior School : Preschool- Year 6 students
  • Middle School : Year 7 - Year 9 students
  • Senior School : Year 10 -Year 12+ students