Welcome to The Heights Junior school

Junior School Prospectus

Through this web site you will be able to have a taste of the wonderful learning opportunities offered in the safe, supportive environment that is The Heights Junior School.
The Heights Junior School is a campus of The Heights School (THS). The Junior School offers pre-school to year 6 comprehensive education with a focus on rigor, excellence and academic, creative and social success for all.
At the Heights we:

  • Work hard to learn
  • Respect each other
  • Value acts of generosity
In addition to the three statements above, we also believe that:

We are a site of high quality public education that is highly sort after by families because they hear about what a successful and supportive school we are, and they seek to give their children the best educational opportunities available. A quality public school education such as that available at THS is not only value for money but offers students a holistic educational upbringing that embeds values of tolerance and respect for diversity, excellence and dignity. It also develops those essential life qualities of resilience, individual and social responsibility, interdependence, and a thirst for learning.
Our current priorities are:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Retention
  • Attendance
  • Attainment of all students against curriculum standards
  • Well-being of students with special needs
  • Staff morale and well-being
  • Use of ICTs to enhance student learning engagement

Our 2008 strategies to address these priorities are:

  • Improve staff performance and accountability
  • Develop more explicit teaching of reading and writing in the early and middle primary years
  • Address bullying and harassment directly through the curriculum, and with a zero tolerance policy
  • Investigate ways to improve the engagement of some groups of boys in schooling
  • Improve reporting procedures by using student achievement data
  • Increase levels of student on-task behaviours with non-classroom teachers
  • Improve Junior School Buildings and physical environment
  • Develop individual education plans for all attendance-risk students
  • Develop individual education plans for all Aboriginal students
  • Develop a sustainable enrolment plan to limit enrolments to within site capacity
  • Improve student access to state of the art ICTs

The Junior School page has its own menu through which you can access more specific information about Junior School programs and achievements. However, as part of a larger educational environment that is The Heights School, Junior School information can also be found in other parts of the web site.